Clicks that make a difference

Green Apple Studio is proud to collaborate with various foundations to support the youth in our community.

As a school photography company, we are passionate about capturing precious childhood moments while contributing to important local causes.

Contribute to local causes

The Montreal Impact Foundation, Montreal Alouettes Foundation and Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundations are well-known charities that support various programs for children and youth. In addition, we also support Breakfast Club of Canada, whose mission is to ensure that children across Canada are able to reach their full potential by providing them with nutritious food in a safe and supportive environment. Together with Breakfast Club of Canada, Green Apple Studio is able to help more than 420,000 children across Canada start their day with a healthy and nutritious meal.

A common goal

We believe that every child deserves quality of education and a chance to succeed. This is why we derive great satisfaction from these partnerships with these foundations that support programs which promote the health, education and social inclusion of children and young people.

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