Quality photos for unforgettable memories

When you choose Green Apple Studio for your school photography needs, you are choosing more than just a photography service.

Who We Are

Established in 2006 by Danny Tomassini, Green Apple Studio thrives as a distinguished photography company with a dedicated focus on producing top-tier school photos. Our expertise spans across all educational levels, ranging from daycare to university. What originated as a small family studio quickly evolved into a prominent name in the realm of school photography. In less than two decades, we have emerged as Quebec's leader in school photography and continue to expand our presence throughout Ontario.

We use the latest innovations and equipment to capture the best moments of your school life, and our background extraction technology allows us to personalize the photography experience to make it unique.

Why Green Apple?

We understand the importance of every precious moment of your child's schooling, and we are committed to capturing those moments with care and excellence. Our team of photographers is dedicated to providing top quality memories, offering services accessible to everyone and protecting your data. By choosing Green Apple Studio, you are opting for lasting memories and a positive contribution to your community.

Choosing Green Apple Studio also means choosing:

From the parent’s side:

  • Superior quality photos
  • Choice of backgrounds refreshed each year
  • Your photos in a personalized portrait book
  • The possibility of having your photos delivered to a Jean Coutu of your choice
  • A free class photo
  • An online store with a wide selection of products and attractive prices
  • Our 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy

From the school’s side:

  • A stress-free photo day, we take care of everything!
  • Options with or without return
  • A free mosaic
  • A class directory
  • Administrative products with student photos and data
  • $16 credit offered to volunteers and staff members
  • Dedicated customer service