Starting in September 2020, young Quebeckers and Ontarians will be able to personalize their school photos in the colors of the ocean. Green Apple Studio has partnered with Ocean Champs to create a collection of new school photography products that are both artistic and fun.

They created fun sea characters available in different products: backgrounds for photos, cups, magnets but also dynamic digital formats such as GIFs and eBooks. Green Apple Studio is the personalization specialist: all these products automatically include the student’s photo as well as name.

The two innovative and iconic products in this collection are animated GIFs and eBooks.

Designed entirely by the Green Apple Studio team, the GIF format is a revolution in the school photography industry. Presented for the first time by the studio at SPAC (School Photographers Association of California) trade show in Las Vegas (USA) in January 2020, this new format is making its first entry into the studio’s online store this fall. The student’s photo comes to life and is fully integrated in this new animated format.

The second flagship product of the collection is the eBook. Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau are not only the authors but also the protagonists of this book. In fact, the five digital books use vibrant illustrations to tell the most beautiful stories of the two explorers. The child accompanies the Cousteaus on their adventures and discoveries, which are based on true stories.

Animated GIF with Disco the Grouper eBook cover with Disco the Grouper


These two products can be found on the Green Apple Studio online store. For each purchase of a product, the studio makes a donation to Ocean Champs in support of the preservation of the oceans.

Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau are at the heart of this project, which represents for them a magnificent opportunity to communicate to the younger generation the beauty of the ocean and the urgency to protect this ecosystem. The goal of Ocean Champs is to bring together young people from all over the world by creating a sense of belonging to a common cause and giving them the keys to protect the ocean.

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