Whatever the age, there is no perfect outfit for the class photo.

Choosing your children’s outfit for the class picture or to go back to school is always a moment that matters. It’s the kind of outfit you like to prepare in advance to save time (and stress!). Here’s few tips :

Choosing comfortable, seasonal clothing will help your child feeling good and give his best smile to the camera.
Suggest that he choose his outfit with you! He will be proud to wear a set he has chosen, with patterns and colors that make him happy.
Style advice: if it is better to avoid the jerseys with his heroes or his favorite sports team, the patterns and prints like peas and stripes looks very well on camera!
In terms of colors, we love pastel and soft colors but you can always bet on the trends of the fall (yellow, brown, brick …) to raise your outfit.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some examples of outfits or colors that will sublimate the class photos of your children:


The selection :
Outfit 1 : White shirt | Pink shirt | Navy Skirt | White sneakers
Outfit 2 : Blue Dress | Burgundy Dress | Brown Boots
Outfit 3 : Yellow shirt | White shirt with stars | Light grey Jean | Black Boots
Outfit 4 : Shirt with Stripes | Green Shirt | Jean | Brown sneakers
Outfit 5 : Band-collar white shirt | Patterned shirt| 3 jeans set | Blue sneakers
Outfit 6 : Grey shirt | Sailor shirt | Blue pants |  White sneakers

Montage by Green Apple Studio, H&M pictures (Canada, 2019)