Our tips for day care centers and elementary schools’ students.

Help! The class photo session is tomorrow! In a few seconds, your stress level has gone from 0 to 1000… Do not panic, we have some tips to help you prepare your child for their class picture.

A little organization and preparation can help you avoid this stress and save you valuable time. Discover my tips for better organization!

The Day Before

  • Preparing the outfit the day before the photo shoot, is always a good idea to avoid moments of stress and bad choices! Make sure your chosen outfit is clean and ironed.

Choice of Clothing and Accessories

  • If your child is not wearing a uniform, our most important advice for choosing an outfit is to opt for something comfortable and appropriate for the season. I never felt comfortable in an outfit I did not like that was chosen by my mother… Involve your child in the choice of their clothes, aiming for a compromise that is both pleasant to wear and suitable for the photo.
  • The shirt or t-shirt are the clothes that are most noticeable on a photo, after the face. Highlight the star of the day by avoiding clothes with messages and prints! This diverts the attention, and the choice of suitable background will be more difficult to make.
  • Keep in mind that what is very fashionable today may not be so in two years. Choose timeless clothes with neutral colors. Even though that red and gold sweater was very trendy back then, I’m glad not to see myself wearing it on my class pictures!
  • Don’t forget to coordinate the shoes with the rest of the outfit, as they are seen in the group photo.
  • Accessories are a good idea if they are of moderate size. They allow to bring out the personality but must not steal the show from the child!

Hair Tips


  • Want to make a new haircut before the day of the photo session? We recommend bringing your child to the hairdresser at least a week before the day of the photo session so that the hair has time to resume a natural flow.
  • In other cases, do not change habits. If you want to do a particular hairstyle (bun, ponytail), train in advance so as not to add stress in the morning of the photo shoot.

I hope that all these tips will help you apprehend this day with much more serenity! And do not forget:
“First and foremost, preparation is the key to success”
– Alexander Graham Bell