Like many parents, you surely have thousands of pictures of your children but how many of them do you delete because they are vague or poorly framed? Rest assured, this is perfectly normal, and we all do it!

In this section, I give you 4 tips to make snapshots that I hope will dazzle all your loved ones.

#1 Image Composition

Of course, we tend to place the child in the middle of the viewfinder but too much symmetry causes emotions to be lost to the camera. Little by little, try to decenter the subject of your photo (here, your child) and become accustomed to using the rule of thirds to balance your composition. The rule of thirds offers to visualize your image as if it included markers: three vertical lines and three horizontal ones (like in a game of tic-tac-toe) in order to obtain nine equal squares. On some camera and phone models you can add these lines in your settings to help you take your shots. Then you just have to place the main element of your photo at a line or intersections that represents the highlights of your image:

#2 Capture the Moment
Children are shy and I have to say that behind the lens of your camera you do not interest them much…

My technique: Do not hesitate to amuse them or distract them – you will have more chances to obtain a natural rendering in good conditions. Do not hesitate to ask for the help of another member of the family (parents, brother, sister, grandparents). The rendering will be even more spontaneous.

Another tip: Taking a large number of shots will allow you to multiply the chances of success. It’s not only smiles that are important. Every emotion gives beautiful memories – an eyebrow raised, a grin, even a moment of anger!

The most beautiful childhood moments are often moments of care-free play. Enter your child’s world by offering games that distract their attention. Set aside your adult concerns and seriousness. Ask for funny faces, make a play of the moment. I must say that silly things always make such great topics to commemorate…

#3 Light Effects

After the emotion, the light is often your second best ally in order to succeed with a photo. For this, nothing is better than natural light. Select scenes that are either outdoors or near a window. However, be careful not to find yourself smack in the middle of daylight. Always make sure the sun is not in front of you. The ideal outside setting is when the weather is slightly cloudy because otherwise the sun will tend to “burn” the colors (they will look white and this is irreversible). In summer, opt for photos before 10 AM or after 4 PM because the sun will be less intense.

#4 Think Accessories

A nice accessory can also be used to enhance your photo. Depending on the style you want to achieve, it is often enough to underscore everything just a little! A flower headband for your little girl, a cute toque for your boy, a light garland and some white feathers for a Christmas décor – small details that will make all the difference!

Pinterest remains an excellent source of inspiration for spicing up your photos this way. This board, for example, is one of my favorites: